Trees are invaluable additions to our yards, our neighborhoods, and our entire world. They provide shade from the sun, they purify the air, and they add immeasurable beauty wherever they grow… so long as they remain strong and healthy. A tree can go from an attractive and beneficial addition to your property to a dangerous eye-sore in mere moments. When a tree becomes a hazard, it needs to be removed. Safe tree removal protects your property as well as the other plant life in the surrounding area.

While you may be enticed to attempt a DIY tree removal project, calling in the experts is the preferred option to ensure the job is done safely and effectively. Here’s why:

Tree Removal is a Dangerous Work

There are many risks involved when it comes to tree removal. Sure, some trees may be more straightforward to remove than others (like a young tree that dies while it is still small). However, tree removal often involves working near powerlines and underground utilities, using power equipment or machinery, and working at heights. Additionally, when you cut a tree down it must fall somewhere. Doing the work for yourself or trusting someone without the appropriate credentials to do it, could leave you liable for damages or injuries incurred. Certified arborists have the experience and the knowledge to adequately assess the hazards involved with a proposed tree removal service and take the appropriate steps to mitigate such risks.

Specialized Equipment is Required

There are many professional tools and industry specific equipment needed to perform a tree removal service in a safe and efficient manner. Professional companies already own such equipment, so you will not have to run around trying to secure rental equipment to get the job done. On top of that, these tree experts know how to use the required equipment proficiently.

You May Need a Permit For Tree Removal

If you have the proper equipment, you may be able to safely cut down a small tree or shrub on your own. However, there are legal responsibilities when it comes to tree removal. In Toronto, and many surrounding municipalities, permits are required for some situations where tree removal is involved. You cannot just cut down any tree you want because you feel like it, as there may be consequences. Professional tree care companies know the municipal bylaws and can also help you obtain the appropriate paperwork and permitting.

Certified Arborists Know How to Properly Assess a Tree

So, you have a tree on your property that does not look so good. You think tree removal is the only solution. But what if there are other options? Tree care experts have specialized training to know how to properly assess a tree’s risk level and make the appropriate decision on next best steps. If you choose the DIY route, you may end up cutting down a tree that could have been saved…or worse yet, you may try to save a tree that has already died, and it could damage your property or hurt someone. When choose a professional, you are not only paying for their tree removal services you are investing in their expertise.

The Pros Provide Clean Up

Tree removal service does not just end when the tree hits the ground. There are many steps involved in the clean up process. If you hire a professional, clean up is often offered as part of the tree removal service. Several companies also offer additional services such as stump grinding, to improve the aesthetic of your property and eliminate the hazards presented by the left-over stump.


Tree removal remains one of the most hazardous tree care tasks and enlisting the help of the professionals mitigates many of those risks. Professional tree removal companies, such as Local Arborist are trained to complete tree removal service with safety and efficiency in mind.

Local Arborist has been serving Toronto and the GTA for over a decade. We offer expert tree removal and other tree care services. With the Local Arborist team, you can rest assured that the trees on your residential or commercial property will be properly taken care of.

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