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Tree Services
Markham, ON

Local Arborist is a team of ISA certified arborists offering tree services in Markham, Ontario. We specialize in tree care, tree maintenance, and tree removal services for commercial and residential properties. With safety at the forefront of all we do, you can trust Local Arborist to deliver professional and high-quality workmanship.

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Tree Services in Markham by Local Arborist

Tree Removal Toronto

Tree Removal

Safely cut and remove unwanted or problem trees from your property.

Tree Pruning & Trimming in Toronto

Pruning & Trimming

Maintain optimal growth and development for your trees with regular pruning and trimming.

Stump Grinding & Removal in Toronto

Stump Grinding & Removal

Grinding out or fully removing tree stumps leaves you with a blank slate for all your landscaping dreams.

Tree Planting & Transplanting in Toronto

Planting & Transplanting

Green up your property with new trees or shrubs.

Arborist Reports & Consulting

Arborist Reports

Receive a detailed review of tree health and vigour as well as a plan to optimize tree growth.

Tree Health Care

Tree Health Care

Protect your trees against damage from pests and disease.

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Clean, reliable, thorough and professional . Generally awesome.
Steve Sanguedolce - artist
On timeAssessed the task at hand and divided workloadTidy and attention to detailHead arborist went above and beyond by removing a wasp nest from a tree that needed a trim.Crew was polite and careful with cleanup.Would highly recommend.
Cheryl Markle
A great company to call! I initially spoke with Mariann to book an appt for a tree that needed careful pruning. He called promptly and passed by to view and give me a quote. A very pleasant & professional guy. 3 guys, Joel, Sasha & Eddiie came to my home, they were absolutely great! Very nice, pleasant and took care of what was needed. I would defenitely call them back should I need this service again. We'll done gentleman, and thank u again.
Chris Davad
These guys were excellent. They were prompt, well coordinated and very professional. Great teamwork. The job went very smoothly. They finished on time, took away all of the debris and logs (it was a huge tree removed from the backyard, and huge stem cut from a tree in the front). They were even careful not to drop logs from too high to avoid getting holes and dings in our lawn. They completely cleaned up our yard and both of my neighbour’s’ yards. My neighbours were very pleased. They even blew off the decks and driveways. Very impressive, and the price was very reasonable. Marian even followed up with a phone call afterwards (and before the team left) to make sure that I was satisfied with the job. I would strongly recommend Marian and his team to anyone.
Mark&Leone Foxwell
Local Arborist tree services is very good company. They did very professional job especially Marian and Jon.I am high recommend this company. Thank you so much!
Candice Hu
Marian and his crew were amazing to work with from start to finish.They were very proud, arrived on time, cleaned up beautifully, and charged a very reasonable amount for the work they did on the trees in our backyard.I would highly recommend this company to anyone considering having their trees trimmed or removed.
Victoria Wolf
Service was well done, safe and efficient rAlso very tidy afterwards. Loved that there was use of electric saws as well for a more quiet and environmentally friendly experience
annette Taffy
Fantastic service from my meeting with Marian to the professional job Joel and Eddie did. Beautiful clean up. I am so very pleased. Highly recommend
Gina B
Local Arborist's pricing was competitive and they showed-up at the appointed time. The crew (Joel and Eddie) were very polite and a pleasure to deal with. The agreed scope of work was completed in a timely, professional and extremely competent manner. Moreover, Joel and Eddie took great care to clean-up the site following completion of the job. I would not hesitate to work with Local Arborist again or to recommend this firm to anyone who has the need for such services.
Dennis Miller
Good communication and responsive to our emergency call having a large tree fall on the roof. They were very timely in their work and pricing was very reasonable. They were very precise in their work and cleaned up any after math of the removal. Highly recommend!! And would use their services again.
Claire InSync
Emergency Tree Removal Toronto
Emergency Tree Removal Toronto

Emergency Tree Removal 24/7

Emergencies happen, whether we are prepared or not. If you have a tree that has fallen across your driveway, in the middle of your yard, or right on top of your car, Local Arborist is here to provide Emergency Tree Removal Services. We work safely and quickly to prevent further damage and restore your property to a state of normalcy. Contact Local Arborist today for Emergency Tree Removal in Markham.

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Why choose us?

Local Arborist has been serving Markham and surrounding areas for over a decade. We provide professional and affordable tree care services that you can trust. From tree removal to deep root fertilization, we are your tree care experts.

Trees planted
Trees trimmed
Trees removed
Tree services in Toronto
Tree services in Toronto
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About Us

Local Arborist is a professional tree care company operating in Markham and the surrounding areas. We provide complete tree care services, including tree removal, pruning, trimming, tree health maintenance, disease and pest management, and seasonal care plans. All our services are ISA-licensed and fully insured, ensuring that the work we do is as safe as it is efficient.

Tree care is important to maintain the health and vigour of the trees and shrubs in your yard or commercial property and prevent potential tree loss. Emergencies still happen, though, and you can count on Local Arborist to carefully remove fallen (or near falling) trees and effectively prevent additional risk to you or your property.

We are committed to providing quality tree care services that are accessible to everyone who needs them. Contact the friendly and knowledgeable staff at Local Arborist today to schedule your free consultation and estimate for tree care services for your Markham residence or business.

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Does Local Arborist provide free estimates?

Yes, Local Arborist is proud to offer complimentary estimates for all standard tree care services, including tree removal, trimming, deep root fertilization, trunk injections, and many others. There are some instances where professional Arboricultural Consulting is required and a fee is charge, such as complete construction arborist reports or insurance claim evaluations. In these specific cases, a fee may be collected.

How can I protect my trees from disease or pests?

Our certified arborists believe that proactive tree care and maintenance is the best way to prevent disease and damage from pests. Local Arborist can provide you with a comprehensive Arborist Report and Tree Risk Assessment for the trees on your property as well as work with you to develop a tree care and maintenance schedule to promote healthy tree growth now and into the future.

I have a problem tree in my yard – can I just cut it down?

It is best to allow an ISA certified arborist to evaluate your specific situation and determine if tree removal is the best course of action for your problem tree. While there are many reasons for complete tree removal, there may be other options to preserve the vitality of your tree and maintain a beautiful green space within your property. Local Arborist provides on-site consultation for all tree care services.

How much does tree removal cost?

There are several factors to consider when estimating the cost of complete tree removal. The size of tree, location on property, and overall risk level all need to be acknowledged. Local Arborist will work with you to determine the safest, most affordable option for you.

Does Local Arborist top trees?

While tree topping is a seemingly convenient fix for trees that have gotten too big or too tall, it is a potentially dangerous practice. The ISA (International Society of Arboriculture) condemns tree topping and deems it to be an unsafe practice. Tree topping has been proven to be harmful to trees as it removes most of the trees’ food source, leaves limbs exposed and susceptible to disease and decay, and encourages rapid and weak regrowth. Proper pruning and trimming are the more favorable alternatives. Local Arborist provides expert tree pruning and trimming services.

Are you insured?

Yes, all Local Arborist tree care services are fully protected with comprehensive liability insurance ($5,000,000), WCB coverage, and WSIB certification.

Does Local Arborist hold ISA Certification?

Yes, Local Arborist is a fully ISA licensed and certified company. We provide ISA regulated and approved arborist reports and tree risk assessments. You can rest assured that you are receiving expert tree care service with Local Arborist.

Does tree removal require a permit?

Permits are required for the removal or major trimming of any viable tree on private property that has a trunk greater than 30 cm in diameter. If the tree in question is no longer viable, that is it is dead, diseased or poses a significant risk to life or property, it is exempt from permitting requirements. All city owned trees also require permitting for removal or alteration. We recommend contacting an ISA Certified Arborist company if you are unsure about the permitting requirements for your specific situation or to receive additional clarification regarding the Toronto Tree Bylaws. Local Arborist offers complimentary consultations and estimates for all tree care services.

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