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Local Arborist is an experienced tree-care company. We provide ISA-certified tree pruning and tree trimming in Toronto for both residential and commercial properties. We are committed to quality and safety, ensuring that your trees receive industry-leading care that is as affordable as it is effective.

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Experience Toronto’s Best Tree Pruning and Trimming.

Tree trimming and pruning are both essential to the health and vitality of the trees and bushes on your residential or commercial property in Toronto. Although both involve cutting parts of a tree away, trimming and pruning each serves slightly different purposes.

Trimming is typically done to enhance the overall appearance of a tree or shrub and involves cutting away overgrown branches and shaping limbs into a specific shape. Local Arborist recommends tree trimming in Toronto be done twice per year, with one of those times occurring after the flowering season is complete.

Tree pruning and trimming can also be utilized to eliminate dead, diseased, or otherwise dying branches to improve overall health and viability.

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Situations when tree pruning is needed in Toronto

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Benefits of Tree Pruning and Trimming in Toronto

tree pruning and trimming in Toronto
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How Much Does Tree Trimming in Toronto Cost?

Tree trimming and pruning can vary greatly depending on the size of the tree requiring care. Small trees (less than 20 ft) usually average around $200-$450 for a trimming service. Trees up 20-50 ft cost $450-$900 on average to trim, so long as there are not any severe hazards or exceptional steps required to get the job done. For trees that are larger than 50 ft tall, trimming and pruning services can cost starting at $900.

The best way to get an accurate estimate for tree trimming and pruning services is to contact Local Arborist. We will provide you with a complimentary consultation to analyze the overall condition of your trees and deliver a fair, transparent estimate for work needed.

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Fast work, professionally quality and a reasonable price. What more can you ask for? Would be happy to bring them back anytime to do more work.
Steve Alotsky
All of of you guys were great. From the first contact to when the last leaf left my property. Everyone was more that perfessional. You answered every question I had and gave wonderful advice. The guys who took the tree down, went above and beyond when I asked them to cut sections of the trunk for me. It was completed unbelievably quick and you left my backyard spotless. I would recommend you to everyone.
eileen hodson
Local Arborist is a very professional and knowledgeable company. Marian looked at my Honey Locust tree and explained in detail how they were going to prune the tree and why they were proceeding in the manner that they did. The arborists did a thorough job and only stopped working when everything was complete, including cleaning up. This unlike another company, where the employees stopped working when the time on the watch showed them was time to stop. I highly recommend Local Arborist. Mary-Anne, Milton May 2024.
Mary-Anne Grist
Great professional service with reasonable quotes! Had a pretty big silver maple in my backyard, taking most of the space and blocking sunlight. With Marian's team's help, I got the permit around one month, and had it removed within one day, including full site cleanup, which is beyond my expectation. Highly recommended.
Marion and his team were not only reasonably priced, but super courteous and helpful. They cut an extra branch (diff tree) for me and cleaned up the whole work area without being asked. Highly recommend.
Kristen Ede
This is a most reliable, amazing company to deal with. They are prompt, efficient, and highly professional. I would give them 10 stars , if it was possible.
Sorel Park
Kudos to the Marian’s team! The team has done an amazing job in pruning my pine tree today. My pine tree is over 70 feet and is slanted with branches heavier on one side. At my first contact with Marian, he provided me with a thorough explanation on the condition of my tree and laid out the pruning options. He is very knowledgeable and genuine in the conversation. Above all, he is not pushy at all on the job. After the pruning, the tree is thinned out to lift off some weight on the slanted side. The execution is well planned and thoughtful. Initially I was worried the tree would look bare, indeed the team knows the best to balance between health and aesthetic. The team is very careful with the cuts and since a lot of the work are done on my neighbour’s property, they did a thorough clean up after work too and my neighbour is very satisfied. Thank you so much guys, my tree looks healthier now and it opens up my yard too with more sunlight shining through the pines.
May Wong
Thank you Marion, your team did a great job at my residence. I would highly recommend your services to anyone.
David Spagnolo
We had an amazing experience with the Local Arborist. We came to them after another company bowed out at the last moment, after the service had already been scheduled, explaining that our case was too difficult for them to take on. The Local Arborist saved us! They were prompt and communicative, and very transparent about pricing and potential obstacles. In the end, they were able to remove the tree earlier than the previous company would have done it.Marian kept in touch with me throughout the process on the day of the removal, and advised on the future replanting process. They even trimmed an adjacent tree for us while performing the removal. It was an extremely positive experience, and we look forward to working with the Local Arborist again in the future.
Natalia Khomenko
Clean, reliable, thorough and professional . Generally awesome.
Steve Sanguedolce - artist

Do you have a problem tree on your property that need to be addressed?

Contact Local Arborist today for a complimentary estimate on all your Tree Maintenance needs!

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Why Choose Local Arborist?

Local Arborist has been delivering exceptional tree trimming and pruning in Toronto and the GTA for more than ten years. We use top of the line tree trimming and pruning tools and techniques to ensure the overall beauty and health of your trees and shrubs are improved. As a professional ISA certified company, we have the experience to complete a wide variety tree-care services for residential and commercial properties alike. Additionally, Local Arborist maintains complete WSIB coverage and holds extensive liability insurance, guaranteeing we are all protected against unforeseen challenges.

Isa Certified Arborist

Marian Shuflin

Licenced ISA arborist

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Can’t trees just be topped to make them smaller?

While tree topping seems like a quick, simple solution to overgrown trees, it can be a potentially dangerous practice that can cause significant and permanent damage to the tree itself and the property around it. A better, more sustainable option is called crown reduction, which can be completed to decrease the overall crown size of a tree without compromising the overall health or stability of the tree.  The general rule of thumb is that no more than 30% of the canopy should be removed .

Does tree trimming or pruning require a permit?

Trimming and pruning trees on private property does not require a permit. If you are unsure about Toronto Tree Bylaws, make sure to contact Local Arborist. As a certified ISA company, we know the permitting requirements for Toronto and the GTA well.

Does trimming hurt trees?

If done correctly, no!  In fact, proper tree trimming and pruning improves the overall strength and stability of trees and shrubbery. It is an important factor in the maintenance of good tree health.

How old does a tree have to be to benefit from pruning?

Local Arborist recommends pruning only be done on more established trees. Pruning trees that are less than 3 years old can stunt growth.

When is the best time to trim/prune trees?

There are different times of year that are better suited for trimming and pruning than others based on what type of tree you are dealing with. Evergreen trees should generally be pruned in the fall, where deciduous trees like late winter and early spring pruning.

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