Tree Maintenance
in Toronto

Local Arborist ensures healthy and sustainable growth for your trees with regular Tree Maintenance Services.

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Importance of a Regular Tree Maintenance

Tree maintenance is essential to the health and vitality of your trees and the entire landscape of your property. Tree maintenance activities such as trimming and pruning, disease and pest management, and soil improvements are all crucial when it comes to keeping your trees in optimal condition. Local Arborist provides professional tree maintenance services to ensure your trees receive the best possible care.

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What to Expect?

  • Your request for tree care is first reviewed by one of our licensed arborists.
  • Next, we create a detailed list of recommendations for tree maintenance based on your unique needs.
  • Once you approve the estimate for tree care, we schedule a date to begin work.
  • With customized tree maintenance, your trees will be healthier and look better!
Things to Consider Before Planting a Tree
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Tree Maintenance Services

corrective tree pruning and trimming in Toronto

Correctional Tree Trimming

Trim problematic areas of growth and encourage safer, balanced, and more robust regrowth.

tree cabling and bracing in Toronto

Cabling & Bracing

Give your mature trees the structural support they need with cabling and bracing services.

tree deep root fertilization in Toronto

Deep Root Fertilization

Encourage tree growth, balance soil pH, and help mitigate disease and pests with deep root fertilization.

tree pruning and trimming in Toronto

Pruning & Trimming

Maintain optimal growth and development for your trees with regular pruning and trimming

tree injections in Toronto

Tree Injections

Also known as trunk or stem injections, tree injections improve health of your trees by delivering targeted treatments for a wide variety of tree illnesses and issues.

tree health care in Toronto

Tree Health Care

Protect your trees against damage from pests and disease, such as Asian Longhorned Beetle or Blister Rust, with customized Tree Health Care Services.

tree planting in Toronto

Tree Planting & Transplanting

Green up your property with new trees or shrubs.

Do you have a problem tree on your property that need to be addressed?

Contact Local Arborist today for a complimentary estimate on all your Tree Maintenance needs!

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Why Local Arborist?

Local Arborist is a certified tree care company in Toronto that provides expertly planned Tree Maintenance Services. You can rest assured that your trees are in the best hands with Local Arborist.

Isa Certified Arborist

Marian Shuflin

Licenced ISA arborist