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Winter Tree Services

Winter Tree Care
In Toronto

Take advantage of the cold weather and improve the health of your trees with Winter Tree Care Services.

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The colder months are full of winter activities from ice skating and tobogganing to sipping hot chocolate in front of fire. But the one winter activity you might not have thought of before is tree care. Winter is the perfect season for tree care because trees are in dormancy. What does this mean? Basically, a dormant tree is a resting tree. Because there are less sun-filled hours each day and fewer resources, trees enter this state of conservation to survive the colder months. With proper winter care, your trees will be healthier and more vibrant come spring.

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Benefits of Tree Care in Winter

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Winter Tree Services

The Electric Chain Saw Is On The Stump Of A

Tree Removal

Winter tree removal prevents damage and injury to you and your property because of compromised trees breaking or falling over in winter storms.

Winter Tree Trimming

Tree Trimming/Pruning

For many varieties of trees, winter is the ideal time for trimming and pruning. Remove damaged, diseased, or dead branches to promote new healthy growth.

Winter Tree Wrapping

Tree Wrapping

Protect trees from harsh exposure to sun, wind, and even salt with tree wrapping.

Winter Tree Mulching

Tree Mulching

If tree mulching is completed before the ground is fully frozen, mulch can be added to flower beds and around the base of trees (especially newly planted ones) to insulate roots and add some nutrients to the soil.

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Why are the conifer trees on the street edge of my property only starting to have brown needles?

In urban areas salt is regularly used to maintain streets throughout winter. While it is beneficial in eating away ice and snow, it can be particularly damaging to trees. As vehicles drive by, salty slush and water is often sprayed onto trees the line the streets. The browning needles are a possible indication of salt damage. It is best to contact a certified arborist, such as Local Arborist, to properly diagnose your tree and implement a plan for prevention and restoration.

When should I stop fertilizing my trees?

It is recommended to stop fertilizing trees at least 6 weeks before the first forecasted frost. Fertilizer serves to promote rapid, lush growth in plants. If that new growth does not have enough time to harden off before the cold temperatures hit, it will likely suffer severe damage.

Should I water my trees in winter?

Trees should be watered regularly all the way through fall up until the ground begins to freeze. You can continue to water your trees so long as there is no snow on the ground around your trees and the temperatures remain above 4˚C.

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Good communication and responsive to our emergency call having a large tree fall on the roof. They were very timely in their work and pricing was very reasonable. They were very precise in their work and cleaned up any after math of the removal. Highly recommend!! And would use their services again.
Claire InSync
Extremely happy with the service provided to grind a large stump. Very professional. Excellent communication and the best experience I encountered in this industry. Cleanup was also done even though I was willing to handle it myself in this case. Will use them for any future tree related work. Highly recommended.I will refer this business to others because like others I have been fooled by other company high ratings only to receive horrible service, added costs and more work for me. This one is authentic. I had bad experiences and poor follow through with too many other businesses.
Alan Nanut
Allways Service was professional, friendly and efficient. Extremely happy with their service.I got a few estimates from different companies and some of them just wanted to make a quick buck and remove an entire tree. Joel listened to our needs and budget and gave a fair estimate for what he could do to make our backyard safe.On the day of the job Joel and Shawn did an amazing job planning their work, trimming the trees and making our backyard a safe space for our daughter. I really admire what they do climbing so high up in the the trees and the skills required to do so. I highly recommend them and would use them again.They are the home tree service you didn’t know you needed until you’re dodging falling branches.
Leila Lirazan
We had two large stumps from a double oak that we needed to have cut further and ground down. The owner (Marian) explained the process clearly and gave a detailed quote, and a week later his stump grinder, Yora, did the job quickly and efficiently, despite running into some unexpected problems. Surprisingly, there was a large chuck of metal bar between the two stumps which dulled his chainsaw blade, in addition to a number of rocks, but these didn't stop Yora, and now we have clear ground and a pile of sawdust where the stumps were. He also spread some of he sawdust under our spruce trees. I would highly recommend this company.
Robert Scavone
I think Toronto's the best tree services company after I compare six companies. Super high service quality, take care of customers' feelings, with protection pad as far as possible to protect the lawn, after the completion of the cleaning, is very clean. The team was very professional, efficient and dedicated. Awesome team.If I have tree services in the future, I will not hesitate to invite their team.I highly recommend this company.
It was a positive experience in every way. Quality work at a reasonable price. I recommend them without reservation.
Tiit Leinveer
Marian and his crew were amazing to work with from start to finish.They arrived on time, worked flat out, cleaned up beautifully, and charged a very reasonable amount for the work they did on the huge tree in my backyard.I would highly recommend this company to anyone considering having their tree trimmed or removed.
Anita Stern
Just had my backyard and front cleaned up..cut many trees, bushes etc.Huge work was done only for 2 days.Guys did a great job, more then I ask for and for the same price it was agreed( no extra charged). Everything was professionally, super customer service, quick, clean and for the great price. Boss came twice personally just to make sure that job is getting done properly. Thanks a lot guys, nice having business with you!. Way to go.. will recommend highly. 5 *****
Erin Mills
Very professional team. did a great job. prices are reasonable.
Keith Karunanayake
We lost part of a large maple in the big May storm with half the tree on my garage and half precariously standing. Entwined in the standing portion were phone and cable wires for many families on the street.We called the day of the storm and they answered immediately with an inspection the next day. We had to wait for a couple of weeks for the City to permit us taking down the standing portion hoping it wouldn’t fall on its own, and when they did a crew arrived promptly and carefully removed the tree without touching a single wire!The whole operation was complete in three hours, and they even swept the back yard and the roofs of two garages.The service was extremely professional, timely and it was the best quote we received. I can’t say enough about the service.
Lian Zerafa

Snowflakes flying and you still have tree care work that needs to be done? No need to worry! Local Arborist offers expert Winter Tree Care Services. Contact us today for 10-15% off all winter tree services.

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Why Choose Local Arborist?

Local Arborist is a certified tree care company in Toronto that provides expert Winter Tree Care Services. Our many years of experience gives us an advantage when it comes to Winter Tree Services.

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Licenced ISA arborist

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