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Tree Removal
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Local Arborist is a tree-care company offering fully ISA certified and insured tree removal services in Toronto and the GTA for both residential and commercial properties.

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When Is Tree Removal Needed?

There are some situations where efforts to save a tree become more hazardous than removing it. Local Arborist provides safe, effective tree removal in Toronto when keeping a problem tree around is simply not an option.

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Common Signs that a Tree is a Hazard and Should Be Removed

Trees are an important part of many Toronto yards and businesses, providing a variety of advantages from improved aesthetic to additional shade and protection for your property. Sometimes, though, a tree may be more of a hazard than a benefit. There are several common signs that you should be aware of that indicate it is time to consult a professional arborist for removal of hazardous trees.

If you notice fungus or other strange growths on the trunk or branches, this may be a concerning sign of decay. Additionally, you may notice other structural concerns with a tree – hollowed out trunks, major cracks, or a significant portion of dead or dying branches all indicate the health of a tree is in significant trouble. If a tree is noticeably leaning to one side it may be due to a weakened root system, which is also a serious hazard. None of these warning signs should be ignored. If you think something might be wrong with a tree on your property, contact Local Arborist today for a tree risk assessment to determine if tree removal is required.

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How Much Does Toronto Tree Removal Cost?

Tree removal prices can range significantly based on a variety of different factors, making it difficult to give an estimate without access to details for each specific case. The size/diameter, height, condition, and location of a tree all impact the overall cost for removal services. For example, a small tree (up to 30’) with no major additional concerns (such as roots near plumbing or electrical lines) averages around $250–$600 for removal. Larger trees (that is, over 30’ tall) are far more dangerous to remove and require extra time, care, and attention to get the job done safely. As such, the price will reflect the increase in risk – large tree removal can cost around $1000-$2000. If there are any additional safety concerns to address, such as proximity to power lines or building or the need for climbing equipment the cost will also be increased. You may also want to consider extra tree services, as well. Stump grinding, limb chipping, and debris removal are all factored into a tree removal estimate.

If you have a tree that needs removal from your Toronto property, contact Local Arborists today. We will discuss your specific situation and provide you with a detailed estimate for tree removal services.

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ISA Certified Arborist in Toronto

Marian Shuflin

Licenced ISA arborist

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The Tree Removal Process

Prepare Work Area

Depending on the size of the tree, there should be enough space cleared around where a felled tree can safely lay flat on the ground. Any valuable items should be removed or reinforced. Local Arborist takes special care to protect landscaped areas from significant damage. We also cover siding on buildings with plywood to safeguard against dents and scratches from stray branches.

Assess Conditions

The overall condition of the tree needs to be examined. Does it naturally lean more in one direction than another? Is there significant damage or decay present? All these things need to be taken into consideration when determining the best direction for the tree to be felled.

Organize Emergency Response Plan

Despite all our best planning, sometimes emergencies happen. Always clear a path for an emergency escape in the case of an out-of-control tree.

Collect Appropriate Tools and Equipment

It is essential to have the proper tools on hand to ensure the safest, most effective tree removal. Local Arborist uses only ISA approved equipment and methods to complete every Toronto tree removal service.

Begin Cutting

First, we start with the undercut. This is a 45-degree angled V-cut made at the base of the tree on the same side that you want the tree to fall. This cut should be approximately one-quarter of the trunk diameter deep. The next step is to make the backcut. This cut starts on the opposite side of the tree, cutting completely through, and exiting about 2 inches above the previously made undercut.


Since both the undercut and backcut were methodically placed, the direction that the tree will fall is controlled. Alert those in the area that the tree is about to come down, and stand back.

Do you have a problem tree on your property that need to be addressed?

Contact Local Arborist today for a complimentary estimate on all your Tree Removal needs!

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Local Arborist tree services is very good company. They did very professional job especially Marian and Jon.I am high recommend this company. Thank you so much!
Candice Hu
Marian and his crew were amazing to work with from start to finish.They were very proud, arrived on time, cleaned up beautifully, and charged a very reasonable amount for the work they did on the trees in our backyard.I would highly recommend this company to anyone considering having their trees trimmed or removed.
Victoria Wolf
Service was well done, safe and efficient rAlso very tidy afterwards. Loved that there was use of electric saws as well for a more quiet and environmentally friendly experience
annette Taffy
Fantastic service from my meeting with Marian to the professional job Joel and Eddie did. Beautiful clean up. I am so very pleased. Highly recommend
Gina B
Local Arborist's pricing was competitive and they showed-up at the appointed time. The crew (Joel and Eddie) were very polite and a pleasure to deal with. The agreed scope of work was completed in a timely, professional and extremely competent manner. Moreover, Joel and Eddie took great care to clean-up the site following completion of the job. I would not hesitate to work with Local Arborist again or to recommend this firm to anyone who has the need for such services.
Dennis Miller
Good communication and responsive to our emergency call having a large tree fall on the roof. They were very timely in their work and pricing was very reasonable. They were very precise in their work and cleaned up any after math of the removal. Highly recommend!! And would use their services again.
Claire InSync
Extremely happy with the service provided to grind a large stump. Very professional. Excellent communication and the best experience I encountered in this industry. Cleanup was also done even though I was willing to handle it myself in this case. Will use them for any future tree related work. Highly recommended.I will refer this business to others because like others I have been fooled by other company high ratings only to receive horrible service, added costs and more work for me. This one is authentic. I had bad experiences and poor follow through with too many other businesses.
Alan Nanut
Allways Service was professional, friendly and efficient. Extremely happy with their service.I got a few estimates from different companies and some of them just wanted to make a quick buck and remove an entire tree. Joel listened to our needs and budget and gave a fair estimate for what he could do to make our backyard safe.On the day of the job Joel and Shawn did an amazing job planning their work, trimming the trees and making our backyard a safe space for our daughter. I really admire what they do climbing so high up in the the trees and the skills required to do so. I highly recommend them and would use them again.They are the home tree service you didn’t know you needed until you’re dodging falling branches.
Leila Lirazan
We had two large stumps from a double oak that we needed to have cut further and ground down. The owner (Marian) explained the process clearly and gave a detailed quote, and a week later his stump grinder, Yora, did the job quickly and efficiently, despite running into some unexpected problems. Surprisingly, there was a large chuck of metal bar between the two stumps which dulled his chainsaw blade, in addition to a number of rocks, but these didn't stop Yora, and now we have clear ground and a pile of sawdust where the stumps were. He also spread some of he sawdust under our spruce trees. I would highly recommend this company.
Robert Scavone
I think Toronto's the best tree services company after I compare six companies. Super high service quality, take care of customers' feelings, with protection pad as far as possible to protect the lawn, after the completion of the cleaning, is very clean. The team was very professional, efficient and dedicated. Awesome team.If I have tree services in the future, I will not hesitate to invite their team.I highly recommend this company.
Read all reviews
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What Happens After Tree Removal?

Local Arborist proudly leaves every property safer and looking better after each tree removal service. Once a tree has been securely cut down, we take the time to thoroughly clean up the area and remove all debris. We offer branch chipping, stump grinding, and full stump removal in addition to our tree removal services.

Stump Grinding & Removal
Pruning & Trimming
Emergency Tree Removal Toronto
Emergency Tree Removal Toronto

Emergency Tree Removal 24/7

Emergencies happen, whether we are prepared or not. If you have a tree that has fallen across your driveway, in the middle of your yard, or right on top of your car, Local Arborist is here to provide Emergency Tree Removal Services. We work safely and quickly to prevent further damage and restore your property to a state of normalcy. Contact Local Arborist today for Emergency Tree Removal in Toronto.

(416) 907-2107

firewood left after tree removal


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Do you need firewood?

We also offer a discount on tree removal services to any client that chooses to keep the wood from each tree that is cut down on their property – just make sure to mention your desire to our team and we will adjust our estimate accordingly.

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How long does it take to remove a tree?

The actual process of tree removal does not take a long time. Once we are through with the site assessment and have a game plan in play, a tree generally can be safely removed all in a day’s work. We typically work on a first-come-first-serve basis. It is important to note, however, that we do sometimes have to triage tree removal services. If there is an emergency tree removal service, your project may be pushed back in the name of safety. That being said, you can expect to have your tree removal service completed between 10 and 30 days from your initial request being submitted.

Do I need a permit to remove a tree?

Yes, permits are required for the removal of any viable tree on private property that has a trunk with a diameter greater than 30 cm as well as for any city owned trees. Permitting requirements for private properties are nullified, however, if the tree is dead, diseased, or poses a risk to life or property. Local Arborist is familiar with Toronto Tree Bylaws. We offer complimentary consultations for tree removal services and can confidently determine which permits, if any, are necessary for your specific case.

What certification or insurance coverage does Local Arborist hold?

Local Arborist is a fully ISA license and certified tree care company. All our services are regulated and approved by ISA standards, so you can rest assured that you will receive professional workmanship from our team. Additionally, Local Arborist is proud to offer tree removal services that are fully protected with comprehensive liability insurance (up to $5,000,000), WCB coverage, and WSIB certification.

How do I know if a tree needs to be removed?

As mentioned before, there are several common signs that a tree may need to be removed. Severe leaning in one direction, fungus, growths, a hollowed-out trunk, or large sections of dead limbs and branches are all indications of poor tree health.  Trees may also need to be removed if they are causing an obstruction or posing a risk, such as growing too close to your home or a powerline. Consulting an ISA certified arborist is the best way to determine what the best course of action is for problem trees on your property.

When is the best time to remove a tree?

Tree removal can be done any time of year, though it tends to be easier to assess tree health during dormant stages (typically November through March). It is important, however, to seek assistance immediately if you have a problem tree that you think might pose a significant risk to life or property. Addressing problem trees before damage is caused is always the best course of action.

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Why Choose Local Arborist?

Local Arborist is committed to providing safe and efficient tree removal service in Toronto. We ensure that your property is treated with the utmost care and respect, adhering to strict safety protocols. As a fully ISA licensed company, Local Arborist delivers tree care that you can trust.

Local Arborist - ISA Certified

Marian Shuflin

Licenced ISA arborist

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