If you have a protected tree that suffers storm damage on your property, you can arrange any tree work necessary to make it safe again. The work must be the minimum required to make it safe and any additional work requires that you submit an application. You must inform any hired arborist, at the first opportunity, of any works that have been carried out for each protected tree.

If a protected tree has been blown down in the storm or has been damaged in such a way that, in the interests of safety, it should be felled, then you may be required to replace it during the next planting season.

It is important to remember that it is your responsibility as a property owner to prove that any work you have carried out on a protected tree was essential to make the tree safe. We recommend keeping a detailed photographic record of storm damage to protected trees.  Always contact an ISA certified arborist such as Local Arborist prior to felling or removing any protected tree.