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Emergency Tree Removal

Emergency Tree
Removal in Toronto

Local Arborist has over 10 years of experience dealing with emergency tree removal in Toronto and the GTA. We believe in providing the safest and most efficient emergency tree removal services, protecting you and your property from injury or irreparable damage. Contact Local Arborist any time, 24/7, for any Toronto tree removal emergency.

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When Does the Need for Tree Removal Become an Emergency?

Tree removal becomes an emergency when the tree is at serious risk of falling over or has already fallen over. Often this means that damage has already occurred to your property and the help of a trained arborist is needed to prevent further damage and keep you and others in the area safe.

Emergency Tree Removal in Toronto
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What to Expect?

When an emergency tree removal call is made, Local Arborist will gather as many details about your specific situation as possible. Our team of experienced tree removal specialists will determine the severity of the situation and make the appropriate plan of action. You can expect a crew on site quickly, especially if the tree in question poses a serious risk to life and property, and we will begin safely removing the fallen or near-fallen tree. Once the tree is removed, we suggest stump grinding and removal as well to eliminate tripping hazards and future decay or spread of disease.

How much is emergency tree removal in Toronto
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How Much Does Emergency Tree Removal Cost in Toronto?

It is hard to give any sort of estimate for emergency tree removal in Toronto, as each situation is vastly different from the next. As the level of risk increases, so does the cost. However, Local Arborist is committed to providing emergency tree removal services that are as affordable as they are efficient.

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Excellent and knowledgeable service. Good cleanup after job was finished. Courteous and friendly.
Lorne Brown
Marian was very prompt in his response to our request for a quote and then again in scheduling the service. His team pruned a number of trees on our property and took down another. They also performed a deep fertilization of a large tree that has been struggling. Marian and his team are top notch. They arrived on time and the work was done very professionally. The property was cleaned so impeccably you would have never known they were there other than seeing the results. Would highly recommend!!
Marion Quinlan
Fast work, professionally quality and a reasonable price. What more can you ask for? Would be happy to bring them back anytime to do more work.
Steve Alotsky
All of of you guys were great. From the first contact to when the last leaf left my property. Everyone was more that perfessional. You answered every question I had and gave wonderful advice. The guys who took the tree down, went above and beyond when I asked them to cut sections of the trunk for me. It was completed unbelievably quick and you left my backyard spotless. I would recommend you to everyone.
eileen hodson
Local Arborist is a very professional and knowledgeable company. Marian looked at my Honey Locust tree and explained in detail how they were going to prune the tree and why they were proceeding in the manner that they did. The arborists did a thorough job and only stopped working when everything was complete, including cleaning up. This unlike another company, where the employees stopped working when the time on the watch showed them was time to stop. I highly recommend Local Arborist. Mary-Anne, Milton May 2024.
Mary-Anne Grist
Great professional service with reasonable quotes! Had a pretty big silver maple in my backyard, taking most of the space and blocking sunlight. With Marian's team's help, I got the permit around one month, and had it removed within one day, including full site cleanup, which is beyond my expectation. Highly recommended.
Marion and his team were not only reasonably priced, but super courteous and helpful. They cut an extra branch (diff tree) for me and cleaned up the whole work area without being asked. Highly recommend.
Kristen Ede
This is a most reliable, amazing company to deal with. They are prompt, efficient, and highly professional. I would give them 10 stars , if it was possible.
Sorel Park
Kudos to the Marian’s team! The team has done an amazing job in pruning my pine tree today. My pine tree is over 70 feet and is slanted with branches heavier on one side. At my first contact with Marian, he provided me with a thorough explanation on the condition of my tree and laid out the pruning options. He is very knowledgeable and genuine in the conversation. Above all, he is not pushy at all on the job. After the pruning, the tree is thinned out to lift off some weight on the slanted side. The execution is well planned and thoughtful. Initially I was worried the tree would look bare, indeed the team knows the best to balance between health and aesthetic. The team is very careful with the cuts and since a lot of the work are done on my neighbour’s property, they did a thorough clean up after work too and my neighbour is very satisfied. Thank you so much guys, my tree looks healthier now and it opens up my yard too with more sunlight shining through the pines.
May Wong
Thank you Marion, your team did a great job at my residence. I would highly recommend your services to anyone.
David Spagnolo

Do you have a problem tree on your property that need to be addressed?

Contact Local Arborist today for a complimentary estimate on all your Tree Removal needs in Toronto & the GTA!

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Why Choose Local Arborist?

Local Arborist is an experienced tree-care company that offers quick, safe, and efficient emergency tree removal services for Toronto and the GTA. You can trust our team of ISA certified arborists with all your tree removal needs.

isa certified arborist

Marian Shuflin

Licenced ISA arborist

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Can you come immediately?

We can absolutely send a team immediately when it comes to emergency tree services, such as emergency tree removal – especially if significant damage and risk to human life are imminent.

Do you have a crane?

We have relationships with many crane services throughout the city that can come with very little notice. Our arborists are trained to remove trees using crane assistance.

My tree has been damaged in a storm. What can I do?

Storms can be incredibly damaging to trees, especially if there are preexisting weak spots. Such damage is likely to leave large and unsightly wounds. In some cases, the damage may be severe enough to warrant immediate action, such as tree removal or corrective tree trimming. Other times, the tree may still be structurally sound. These non-urgent damages (i.e. minor cracks in limb unions) do, however, leave the tree extremely susceptible to future decay and disease. Tree owners and managers are advised to seek the guidance of a reputable tree specialist, such as Local Arborist, who can assess the stability of a tree  after a storm and recommend any remedial work. Keep in mind that protected trees often require additional permitting to perform non-urgent tree care services.

My protected tree has been damaged by high winds. What should I do?

If you have a protected tree that suffers storm damage on your property, you can arrange any tree work necessary to make it safe again. The work must be the minimum required to make it safe and any additional work requires that you submit an application. You must inform any hired arborist, at the first opportunity, of any works that have been carried out for each protected tree.

If a protected tree has been blown down in the storm or has been damaged in such a way that, in the interests of safety, it should be felled, then you may be required to replace it during the next planting season.

It is important to remember that it is your responsibility as a property owner to prove that any work you have carried out on a protected tree was essential to make the tree safe. We recommend keeping a detailed photographic record of storm damage to protected trees.  Always contact an ISA certified arborist such as Local Arborist prior to felling or removing any protected tree.

How much do you charge for emergency tree services in Toronto & the GTA?

Each case is assessed individually, as some cases require the use of extra time and additional vehicles or equipment. As general rule of thumb, you can expect to pay around $200-300 per hour for Emergency Tree Services. Please keep in mind that Local Arborist does our best to be respectful of your budget, which is why we have become one of the fastest and most efficient tree service companies in Toronto.

Who do I contact if there are other trees which are damaged or dangerous?

You can contact Local Arborist’s Customer Service team by dialing +1 (416) 907-2107 any time of day. Someone from our team is always available to discuss dangerous tree situations.

If a neighbor’s tree falls on my property who is responsible for removal?

While this question seems simple, the real answer is a bit more nuanced. If a neighbor’s tree is showing signs of damage, rot, or other factors which might increase its odds of falling, they are responsible for removing the tree and potentially damage which was caused to your property. If the tree had shown no signs of damage and came down because of a particularly bad storm and caused damage to your property, your homeowners insurance will provide coverage according to your policy limits. If a neighbor’s healthy tree falls into your yard and doesn’t cause any damage, we hate to say it but you will be on the hook for cleaning and removing the tree.

How do I know if I have a dangerous tree?

If you have a dangerous tree, you want to make sure you get it removed before anything bad happens. The most common signs of a dangerous tree are dead or detached branches, rotten wood along the trunk and cracks or splits in the trunk. Dangerous trees also often have bark abnormalities with deep cracks or holes. If you suspect your tree is dangerous and needs to be removed, contact us today, we can help.

Do I need a permit to remove a dangerous tree?

If the tree on your property poses an immediate risk to the property surrounding it or people nearby, you can apply for something called an exemption permit. Exemption permits for tree removal are usually granted for dead trees, trees that are imminently hazardous, or trees with advanced disease (where tree failure is inevitable). Exemption permits do not require Arborist Reports, like some other permit applications require.

To be safe and avoid fines, it is a good idea to have a certified arborist assess the situation and determine the safest and best way of proceeding.


How do you deal with emergency tree removal for protected trees?

Protected trees required a slightly more nuanced approach when it comes to emergency tree removal. Work that is required to make the tree safe, such as emergency tree removal because of severe damage, is necessary. However, all work done on a protected tree should be adequately documented with photographic evidence. If you have a protected tree requiring attention, it is essential to let your arborist know. At Local Arborist, we will ensure that every step taken when dealing with a protected tree is within the legal limits.

Do you use a crane for emergency tree removal?

Cranes are often utilized for extremely large trees that required a more specialized approach for removal. We have access to a wide variety of equipment to complete every emergency tree removal safely and efficiently.

If a tree from a neighbouring property falls in my yard, who is responsible?

The answer to this question is not always straightforward. If there was noticeable, pre-existing damage to the tree that was neglected, the property owner (where the tree came from) would be responsible for removal costs and for any damages caused to your property. However, if the damage occurred because of an unforeseeable event, such as a violent storm, your insurance company will likely deal with the fall out. Additionally, if a healthy tree falls but no damage occurs, you more than likely will be responsible for removal costs on your own property.

Do I require a permit for emergency tree removal?

While permits are not required for emergencies that pose a serious risk to life or property, it is always recommended to contact an ISA certified arborist for immediate assessment of the situation. Local Arborist has trained staff on board that will determine the appropriate course of action to ensure you are well within the legal limits to perform emergency tree removal.

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