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Root fertilization is important to ensure that your trees and shrubs are getting the nutrients they need to encourage healthy growth and to fight off disease and pests. Fertilization is especially important for landscaped trees in urban areas, where soil nutrient depletion is extremely common. With deep root fertilization you can restore the nutrient balance in the soil and enjoy more beautiful, healthy, and vibrant trees.

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What is Deep Root Fertilization?

Deep Root Fertilizing works by injecting a balanced mixture of minerals and nutrients directly into the soil around the root systems of your trees to promote this absorption. For most trees, this means applying the fertilizer directly below the surface of the soil. However, bigger trees require a slightly more complex approach. The most common way of injecting these fertilizers is with the use of a special “soil needle”. The liquid fertilizer solution is pumped through that needle deep into the soil.

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Why Do Trees Need to Be Fertilized?

Trees rely on their root systems to obtain nutrients and minerals from the soil. If there are soil deficiencies, it is challenging for trees to get the sustenance they require for healthy growth.

As organic material is broken down over time with the help of micro-organisms, essential nutrients and minerals are added back into the soil for plant roots to absorb. In many metropolitan areas, the essential organic matter needed to feed the trees – things like leaves, grass clippings, and garden waste – are cleaned up and taken away…which means essential nutrients are also being taken away. With the help of deep root fertilization, those vital nutrients and minerals are supplemented to support tree growth.

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Best Time to Fertilize Trees

For most applications, deep root fertilization is best performed in early fall or early spring.

Early fall is the most common time for Deep Root Fertilization services to be performed in Toronto and other parts of Southern Ontario. This allows an adequate amount of time for the roots to absorb the newly added nutrients before the freezing temperatures arrive and avoids the stress placed on trees by extreme summer conditions.

By adding fertilizer in early spring, your trees can take full advantage of the additional nutrients for new growth. This new growth also needs time to harden off before the harsh temperatures of winter arrive in Toronto.

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Advantages of Deep Root Fertilization

There are many advantages of deep root fertilization, from saving sick and malnourished trees to increasing fruit production. Deep Root Fertilization is a fast, effective way to address many tree issues.

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Fast work, professionally quality and a reasonable price. What more can you ask for? Would be happy to bring them back anytime to do more work.
Steve Alotsky
All of of you guys were great. From the first contact to when the last leaf left my property. Everyone was more that perfessional. You answered every question I had and gave wonderful advice. The guys who took the tree down, went above and beyond when I asked them to cut sections of the trunk for me. It was completed unbelievably quick and you left my backyard spotless. I would recommend you to everyone.
eileen hodson
Local Arborist is a very professional and knowledgeable company. Marian looked at my Honey Locust tree and explained in detail how they were going to prune the tree and why they were proceeding in the manner that they did. The arborists did a thorough job and only stopped working when everything was complete, including cleaning up. This unlike another company, where the employees stopped working when the time on the watch showed them was time to stop. I highly recommend Local Arborist. Mary-Anne, Milton May 2024.
Mary-Anne Grist
Great professional service with reasonable quotes! Had a pretty big silver maple in my backyard, taking most of the space and blocking sunlight. With Marian's team's help, I got the permit around one month, and had it removed within one day, including full site cleanup, which is beyond my expectation. Highly recommended.
Marion and his team were not only reasonably priced, but super courteous and helpful. They cut an extra branch (diff tree) for me and cleaned up the whole work area without being asked. Highly recommend.
Kristen Ede
This is a most reliable, amazing company to deal with. They are prompt, efficient, and highly professional. I would give them 10 stars , if it was possible.
Sorel Park
Kudos to the Marian’s team! The team has done an amazing job in pruning my pine tree today. My pine tree is over 70 feet and is slanted with branches heavier on one side. At my first contact with Marian, he provided me with a thorough explanation on the condition of my tree and laid out the pruning options. He is very knowledgeable and genuine in the conversation. Above all, he is not pushy at all on the job. After the pruning, the tree is thinned out to lift off some weight on the slanted side. The execution is well planned and thoughtful. Initially I was worried the tree would look bare, indeed the team knows the best to balance between health and aesthetic. The team is very careful with the cuts and since a lot of the work are done on my neighbour’s property, they did a thorough clean up after work too and my neighbour is very satisfied. Thank you so much guys, my tree looks healthier now and it opens up my yard too with more sunlight shining through the pines.
May Wong
Thank you Marion, your team did a great job at my residence. I would highly recommend your services to anyone.
David Spagnolo
We had an amazing experience with the Local Arborist. We came to them after another company bowed out at the last moment, after the service had already been scheduled, explaining that our case was too difficult for them to take on. The Local Arborist saved us! They were prompt and communicative, and very transparent about pricing and potential obstacles. In the end, they were able to remove the tree earlier than the previous company would have done it.Marian kept in touch with me throughout the process on the day of the removal, and advised on the future replanting process. They even trimmed an adjacent tree for us while performing the removal. It was an extremely positive experience, and we look forward to working with the Local Arborist again in the future.
Natalia Khomenko
Clean, reliable, thorough and professional . Generally awesome.
Steve Sanguedolce - artist

Ensure your trees and shrubs have the essential nutrients and minerals they need to to grow healthy and beautiful. Contact Local Arborist today to schedule your Deep Root Fertilization service!

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Why Choose Local Arborist?

Local Arborist is an experienced tree care company in Toronto, providing expert Deep Root Fertilization and other tree care services.

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How do I know if my trees are suffering from nutrient deficiencies?

You may notice things like new yellow/white leaves, misshapen or smaller than usual new growth. Die back, leaf shrivelling or early leaf falling can also be signs of nutrient deficiencies.

Is Deep Root Fertilization better than applying fertilizer to the top of the soil?

Topical fertilizer application can be effective. However, more often than not, surrounding plant life (such as grass) absorbs the newly added nutrients before they ever reach the root system of trees. Deep Root Fertilization is effective because of its targeted application.

Where does Deep Root Fertilization need to be injected?

Typically, we inject the fertilizer solution around 4-6 inches below the soil surface. We ensure there is enough solution to fully reach the entire root system beneath the span of the canopy. Trees have differing sizes of root systems, though, so where the treatment is applied can vary.

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