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In Toronto, all construction sites are required to obtain a Construction Arborist Report before beginning any work on site. This report details the location and condition of the trees on a construction site, as well as a detailed plan for preservation and retention.

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Arborist Reports for Construction Sites in the GTA

It is safe to say that Toronto is one of the most beautiful cities in the country. The city has done an excellent job of maintaining green spaces by implementing comprehensive preservation and protection plans. If you are proposing a construction project, Toronto and surrounding municipality by-laws require a detailed Arborist Report prior to breaking ground. The purpose of a Construction Arborist Report is to determine if the proposed construction activities will be detrimental to tree health and advise whether trees should be trimmed, removed, or transplanted. Additionally, tree removal or alteration (i.e. trimming) permits will not be approved without the submission of the Arborist Report first.

Arborist Reports must be completed by an ISA certified professional. Local Arborist has the credentials and experience required to produce a legally accepted Construction Arborist Report in Toronto. With Local Arborist, you can rest assured that your construction project will begin on the right foot.

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When Is an Arborist Report Required for Construction Sites in Toronto?

Construction Arborist Reports are required whether the trees on a construction site are being removed or not. If there are existing trees where any of the following activities are taking place, Local Arborist can provide you a comprehensive report to assess the affect they will have on said trees.

Arborist Reports What To Expect
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How much does a Construction Arborist Report in Toronto Cost?

The cost for a detailed Construction Arborist Report in Toronto can vary depending on the complexity of the proposed construction project. Local Arborist offers Construction Arborist Reports starting at $550, which includes complete tree retention and protection plans.

What to expect?

The process for obtaining a Construction Arborist Report is quite easy. Here are a few simple steps:

  • Submit your site plan along with a request for consultation. We will review all the pertinent documents, discuss requirements, and then set up a meeting.
  • Next, we will conduct an on-site assessment. This includes inspecting the site layout and documenting tree conditions and locations.
  • All the information gather is used to write the formal Construction Arborist Report.
  • You then attach the completed report to your permit applications for review by the appropriate entities.
Time To Write Construction Report
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How long does it take to write a Construction Arborist Report?

You can expect to have your Construction Arborist Report completed and ready for submission to the appropriate entities (city council etc.) within 1-2 weeks of sending your construction plans to us. If you require assistance with the permit application process once you receive your report, Local Arborist can submit the Construction Arborist Report on your behalf.

Are you starting a new construction project in Toronto or the GTA? If so, you are going to need a Construction Arborist Report before you can begin.  Request a free consultation today and Local Arborist will be in touch to discuss how we can assist you in your new project!

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This is a most reliable, amazing company to deal with. They are prompt, efficient, and highly professional. I would give them 10 stars , if it was possible.
Sorel Park
Kudos to the Marian’s team! The team has done an amazing job in pruning my pine tree today. My pine tree is over 70 feet and is slanted with branches heavier on one side. At my first contact with Marian, he provided me with a thorough explanation on the condition of my tree and laid out the pruning options. He is very knowledgeable and genuine in the conversation. Above all, he is not pushy at all on the job. After the pruning, the tree is thinned out to lift off some weight on the slanted side. The execution is well planned and thoughtful. Initially I was worried the tree would look bare, indeed the team knows the best to balance between health and aesthetic. The team is very careful with the cuts and since a lot of the work are done on my neighbour’s property, they did a thorough clean up after work too and my neighbour is very satisfied. Thank you so much guys, my tree looks healthier now and it opens up my yard too with more sunlight shining through the pines.
May Wong
Thank you Marion, your team did a great job at my residence. I would highly recommend your services to anyone.
David Spagnolo
We had an amazing experience with the Local Arborist. We came to them after another company bowed out at the last moment, after the service had already been scheduled, explaining that our case was too difficult for them to take on. The Local Arborist saved us! They were prompt and communicative, and very transparent about pricing and potential obstacles. In the end, they were able to remove the tree earlier than the previous company would have done it.Marian kept in touch with me throughout the process on the day of the removal, and advised on the future replanting process. They even trimmed an adjacent tree for us while performing the removal. It was an extremely positive experience, and we look forward to working with the Local Arborist again in the future.
Natalia Khomenko
Clean, reliable, thorough and professional . Generally awesome.
Steve Sanguedolce - artist
On timeAssessed the task at hand and divided workloadTidy and attention to detailHead arborist went above and beyond by removing a wasp nest from a tree that needed a trim.Crew was polite and careful with cleanup.Would highly recommend.
Cheryl Markle
A great company to call! I initially spoke with Mariann to book an appt for a tree that needed careful pruning. He called promptly and passed by to view and give me a quote. A very pleasant & professional guy. 3 guys, Joel, Sasha & Eddiie came to my home, they were absolutely great! Very nice, pleasant and took care of what was needed. I would defenitely call them back should I need this service again. We'll done gentleman, and thank u again.
Chris Davad
These guys were excellent. They were prompt, well coordinated and very professional. Great teamwork. The job went very smoothly. They finished on time, took away all of the debris and logs (it was a huge tree removed from the backyard, and huge stem cut from a tree in the front). They were even careful not to drop logs from too high to avoid getting holes and dings in our lawn. They completely cleaned up our yard and both of my neighbour’s’ yards. My neighbours were very pleased. They even blew off the decks and driveways. Very impressive, and the price was very reasonable. Marian even followed up with a phone call afterwards (and before the team left) to make sure that I was satisfied with the job. I would strongly recommend Marian and his team to anyone.
Mark&Leone Foxwell
Local Arborist tree services is very good company. They did very professional job especially Marian and Jon.I am high recommend this company. Thank you so much!
Candice Hu
Service was well done, safe and efficient rAlso very tidy afterwards. Loved that there was use of electric saws as well for a more quiet and environmentally friendly experience
annette Taffy

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Why Choose Local Arborist?

For the past decade, Local Arborist has been serving the Toronto area with top notch tree care and consultation services for construction projects. With one of our Construction Arborist Reports, you will set your team up for success when it comes to permit applications. As an experienced tree care company, Local Arborist does everything with precision and quality in mind.

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Marian Shuflin

Licenced ISA arborist

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Does an Arborist Report guarantee approval for removal?

No, an Arborist Report does not guarantee approval for tree removal. Arborist Reports take tree health, tree condition, and the tree’s impact on the environment all into consideration when making recommendations for construction sites. There needs to be adequate measures put into place to ensure that reasonable environmental preservation and retention is achieved.

How Long is a Construction Arborist Report Valid For?

There is no set time frame, though anything over a year is likely no longer accurate. Time truly is of the essence when it comes to construction projects.

Is a bid for tree work or tree-risk assessment the same as a construction arborist report?

No. An arborist report is a detailed report that lists the location and condition of all existing trees on a proposed construction site. It provides a comprehensive tree protection and retention plan, taking care to recommend tree alteration and removal services as required. Municipal bylaws will only accept an ISA certified Construction Arborist Report when applying for tree removal permits.

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